Introducing The Ben Thapa Foundation

The Ben Thapa Foundation is a non profit organisation which aims to offer a small amount of funding to gifted young people in foster care or in care homes, to fulfil recognised potential in areas not adequately provided for in the National Curriculum.

Areas for consideration include, but are not restricted to:
*the arts
*the culinary trade
*scientific discovery

As a child, I was fostered. As a child with a talent, it was somewhat difficult to find the necessary resources to fulfil my potential. Extra curricular activities are expensive in every field; from coachings to transport to events to equipment.

In order to apply for charitable status, we need to generate turnover exceeding £5000pa. And this is where we require your help.

In order to make a donation, please go to

In order to apply for funding, please email

For further information please see

"Focus on the miniature mastery of your own happiness."

Ben x

​​​Ben Thapa - Tenor